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Voices of Kenya

Hear the stories of LGBTQ+ Kenyans

"Kenyan activists have been fighting to repeal these laws for years - and they’re closer to reaching this goal than ever before: In February, Kenya's High Court was expected to decide whether the anti-gay law is unconstitutional. The decision has been postponed to May 24.  A victory for LGBT+ Kenyans would be of historic importance and could send out positive shockwaves across the entire African continent."
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Support for Transgender Asylum Seekers

At Transgéneros Unidas, Latinas find refuge and fellowship

In California, a Spanish-language group is providing support to trans refugees and asylum seekers recovering from years of trauma. 
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التطبيقات القانونية حول الجندر والجنسانية في العراق

دراسة في التطبيقات القانونية المتعلقة بالحراك حول الجندر والجنسانية في العراق

دراسة صادرة عن المؤسسة العربية للحريات والمساواة
اعداد : مهدي شرف الدين
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Needs of LGBT Refugees and Asylees

Heartland Alliance Issues Report

Read Heartland Alliance’s Needs Assessment and Recommendations Report to learn more about the backgrounds of LGBT refugees and asylees and their particular set of needs upon resettling in the U.S.  MORE »