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Rainbow Welcome Initiative

Partners with 6 Local Affiliates

Heartland Alliance is excited to partner with six refugee resettlement agencies throughout the country on the Rainbow Welcome Initiative. Heartland Alliance, along with these local affiliates, will develop and implement best practices for working with LGBT refugees and asylees.

Nationalities Service Center of Philadelphia (NSC), Alliance for African Assistance (AAA) in San Diego, and Refugee Resettlement and Immigration Services of Atlanta (RRISA) will carry out projects benefiting the LGBT refugee/asylee community, tailoring services to meet this group’s particular set of needs, while building bridges to local refugee and immigrant, as well as LGBT, communities. 

Heartland Human Cares Services in Chicago, Church World Service in Miami, and Refugee Services of Texas-Austin will collaborate with Heartland Alliance as they contribute to the Rainbow Welcome Initiative’s field manual, a practical guide that will be issued to local refugee resettlement affiliates across the country.

These sites have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to working with refugees and immigrants. With Heartland Alliance’s guidance and support, they are prepared to lead the way in how the resettlement network responds to LGBT individuals.